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Fermentation is a process of influencing food or raw materials in a natural way. These changes can take place either through live cultures or through isolated enzymes. This gives the food and raw materials optimized properties or an improved taste. E.g. proteins can be pretreated by fermentation in such a way that they are more usable for humans and animals, or the taste of raw materials containing sugar can be optimized through treatment with cultures by converting the sugar into mild edible acids. This property can be used for example to enhance the flavor of spicy products: beneficial side effect ... the shelf life of the products is even extended.


Spray drying is a very gentle process during the production of food powders such as milk powder or highly concentrated proteins of animal or vegetable origin. With this technology, a concentrated liquid is sprayed into a hot, dry air stream through very fine nozzles. Through this spontaneous heating of the finely atomized liquid, the water contained therein is quickly evaporated and the remaining dry powder falls down in the so-called spray tower due to the force of gravity and is quickly separated from the air again by means of a cyclone. In this way, the product is only exposed to thermal stress for a very short period of time, which leads to its high technical functionality being retained. Novoprot operates two spray-drying systems in the Engelsberg plant.


Roller-drying is the process of drying a liquid or paste on a hot, rotating roller. In this gentle process, the product dries, while it adheres to the roller and is removed again after just one rotation by a knife bar and then ground either into flakes or a fine powder. Due to the briefly very high temperature on the roller body, the dried products are of high sensory and microbial quality. This is particularly important for products such as milk protein (caseinate) or starches and swelling flours. The degree of breakdown of starchy products is also higher than that of comparable extruder products, which leads to significantly improved water binding and swelling. We operate two drying rollers in Engelsberg.


In our liquid mixing plant, we manufacture both flavor and stabilization systems. Gladly also according to your individual ideas.


A tailor-made solution always includes the right packaging. Whether from 0.5 liter cups to tank trucks or from 0.5 kilogram tubular bags to big bags with a capacity of 1,000 kilograms - everything is feasible and also possible for batches.


At the Wiesmühl location we have a high-bay warehouse with 5000 storage spaces.


Novoprot offers solutions for meat and baked goods, convenience products, dairy products, sports nutrition and pet food.

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Clean Label

The Novoprot Clean Label guarantees the use of natural ingredients - free of hydrogenated fats, genetic engineering, aromas and flavor enhancers.

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With continuous research and development, innovative strength and bundling of know-how, we make our customers successful.

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