Whether meat, cheese, fine food, or bakery, whether conventional or organic, vegetarian or vegan - in our portfolio we also have interesting and innovative solutions for your products.

What we offer you:

  • A wide variety of fermentative products to improve taste and texture. Both enzymes and live cultures are used.
  • Proteins for texture improvement and nutritional optimization
  • Stabilizers and water binders to improve texture
  • Flavor solutions for the spicy industry based on natural raw materials and seasonings

As a reliable partner, we are happy to work with you on individual solutions for your products.

Bakery products
We provide our customers in the bakery sector with highly functional ingredients. The focus is on keeping freshness and protein enrichment.

For our customers in the meat and sausage industry, we have different solution concepts on offer for product, taste and cost optimization as well as for keeping freshness.

Fine Food
From taste to shelf life extension, viscosity improvement, texture optimization and protein enrichment to ready-made soups, sauces, dressings or mayonnaises, we offer customers from the convenience sector the right product solutions.

Pet food
In the area of pet food, we optimize texture, nutritional values and taste - this will make your products even more delicious.

Sports nutrition
Whether animal or plant-based - proteins enable the production of innovative food and dietary supplements. Both amateur and professional athletes benefit from sports nutrition and dietary foods.

Dairy products
For dairy products, we offer solutions to improve shelf life and protein enrichment.

Many of our products are now also available in organic quality. We also offer solutions for vegetarian or vegan foods.

Clean Label

The Novoprot Clean Label guarantees the use of natural ingredients - free of hydrogenated fats, genetic engineering, aromas and flavor enhancers.

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Benefit from an experienced development team, a powerful network and state-of-the-art equipment.

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Are you interested in our company and our offers? We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

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