Fine Foods

From taste to shelf life extension, viscosity improvement, texture optimization and protein enrichment to ready-made soups, sauces, dressings or mayonnaises, we offer our customers from the convenience sector the right product for them.

Natural Fresh

Our highly innovative Natural Fresh products are characterized by their absolute naturalness and a wide range of applications. Aroma-intensive products are created through complex fermentation processes based on ingredients from nature. These convince with a pleasant umami note. The organic acids produced during fermentation not only ensure an improved taste, but also long-lasting freshness and shelf life of your products.

By using our Natural Fresh products, your list of ingredients can be optimized.

Product name Product group Properties Quality
Natural Fresh Fermentations for natural freshness Natural ingredients, shelf-life enhancement, preservative replacement, taste enhancement, antioxidant effect Standard, Organic, Vegetarian, Vegan


Our animal-derived hydrolysates combine proven traditional production technology with absolute naturalness. We obtain high-quality proteins through enzymatic hydrolysis from beef, chicken, pork and turkey meat as well as from milk. Our products are characterized by a natural and authentic taste. In addition to their suitability for enhancing taste, hydrolyzed proteins are an excellent way of optimizing the protein content of your products in a natural way.

Product name Product group Properties Quality
Novoprot 115 CH Hydrolized Chicken Protein Natural ingredients, no texture changes, flavor enhancement, protein enrichment, nutritional improvement Standard
Novoprot 116 TH Hydrolized Turkey Protein
Novoprot 201 BH Hydrolized Beef Protein
Novoprot 95 PH Hydrolized Pork Protein


At the Engelsberg plant, Novoprot continues the successful Rovita tradition and produces roller-dried caseinates and other well-known whey specialties in the tried and tested high quality:

Product name Product group Properties Quality
FN 5 S Sodium Caseinate Natural emulsifier, neutral taste, structural improvement Standard, Vegetarian
Frikal W Seasoning Natural milk salts, flavor enhancement, structure improvement
Kogal Whey protein Natural ingredients, improved water retention, taste optimization, structure improvement


We obtain high-quality proteins from peas, rice and wheat through fermentation and enzymatic hydrolysis and guarantee the combination of traditional production technology with absolute naturalness. Our vegetable and plant-based fermentates and hydrolysates are ideal for increasing the protein content of your products. Our vegetable proteins are also suitable for a conscious vegetarian or vegan diet.

Product name Product group Properties Quality
Protec PH Hydrolized Pea Protein Natural ingredients, no texture change, protein enrichment, nutritional improvement Standard, Organic, Vegetarian, Vegan
Protec RH Hydrolized Rice Protein
Protec WHH Hydrolized Wheat Protein
Würzung GE Hydrolized Pea Protein

Novo Stock

We cook the products from our NovoStock range in a proven, traditional way. Based on a natural and gentle process, we obtain culinary and authentic flavors. Our stocks are suitable as a flavor base or to refine marinades, soups, sauces and ready meals or for seasoning meat products. The use of our NovoStock products has no influence depending on the recipe on your ingredient list.

Product name Product group Properties Quality
NovoStock BL Beef Stock, liquid Natural ingredients, basic sauce, taste improvement, cost savings Standard
NovoStock BS Beef Stock, dried
NovoStock CL Chicken Stock, liquid
NovoStock CS Chicken Stock, dried
NovoStock PL Pork Stock, liquid
NovoStock PS Pork Stock, dried
NovoStock VL Vegetable Stock, liquid Standard, Vegetarian, Vegan
NovoStock VS Vegetable Stock, dried
NovoStock Mushroom L Mushroom Stock, liquid

Novo Fresh

Our Bio Lox 5 product is based on the further development of a traditional and proven technique for preserving raw milk. Bio Lox 5 can be used effectively against a wide range of food germs. It works naturally not only against conventional spoilers such as lactobacilli, but also against pathogenic germs such as listeria and salmonella. The use of Bio Lox 5 has no influence on your list of ingredients, as it is a processing aid.

Product name Product group Properties Quality
BioLox Enzymatic freshness Shelf life improvement, substitute preservatives, antioxidant effect, killing effect Standard, Vegetarian


Clean Label

The Novoprot Clean Label guarantees the use of natural ingredients - free of hydrogenated fats, genetic engineering, aromas and flavor enhancers.

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When it comes to quality, we don't compromise. Our value chain is subject to strict requirements and controls.

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Are you interested in our company and our offers? We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

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